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An exclusive program for those who are new to or just about to enter the corporate world.

Let’s be honest – if you’re the tenacious sort, with a little sweat and elbow grease, it’s not impossible to land a job at an MNC. But the fact that you’re here means that you’re not satisfied with having “just another job” – you’re hungry for the best ones. Fortunately, helping you find them is our jam.

Someone thought that you were a motivated individual who has what it takes to give themselves a massive head-start in this wild and crazy world that is going to become yours. We’re looking to help you prove them right.

By now, you’re probably already familiar with what this community is, how it works, the internationally bestselling book The Corporate, and its author, Abdalla Nasr. By being here, you’ve already given yourself an advantage. But now, we want to help you take it to the next level and give you a peek behind the proverbial door, to learn the secrets of the corporate world that NO ONE tells you about. Let’s separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Not to Mention The Other Benefits You'll Get...

Learn how to identify your passion, skills, and talents and align it with the right job

Learn how to find the right job in the current employment market

Prepare yourself for the corporate world's bruises and stitches and learn how to avoid most of them

Understand how to pass interviews and what recruiters are looking for

Learn how to prepare your CV and avoid all the mistakes that gets you rejection emails

Understand how to join the best multinationals in the world

Know the secrets of how multinationals select, develop, and promote employees

Understand how to build a sustainable and successful career

Get lifetime exclusive access to this group’s event so you can get solutions and answers to your career challenges wherever you are

Get access to a secret, private group within Corporate Hustlers that's exclusive to members who have completed the Insider program

Get a chance to meet CEOs, directors, and VPs of the largest multinationals to give you advice about how they made it up there

Receive a limited edition signed copy of The Corporate

*Contingent upon individual availability

Meet the Man Behind the Curtain

Abdalla Nasr is a certified global trainer in talent assessment and development who has worked across the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US to hire, assess, and develop talents at different organization levels.

He has received multiple awards for enabling businesses to achieve their goals by developing people and leaders, and building the right organizational culture. He is passionate about health and wellness, finding areas for employees to improve their nutrition, mental, and physical health, which translates into their increased performance and success in the corporate world.

Slots are limited. Reserve your spot soon.

Here's How You'll Be Spending Your Time

Day 1

Introduction: Break the Ice

Meet the folks who are going to become like family for the next day or two, and most probably, for life. With a (re)introduction to the author, we’ll set ground rules, and get to know each other.

Know Yourself, Know the Market

Identify what you are good at, build your CV, understand what the hell is going on in market and learn the secrets to why it is so difficult to apply and get accepted for jobs right now. Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom – we’ve got the solutions for you right after.

Nailing Interviews

You either make it or break it here; one word could either get you the job and change your life, or not. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you exactly what recruiters ask for and how to impress them: the before, during, and after (let’s help you negotiate a proper offer!)

Day 2

Growth: The Sword and the Shield

Learn the reasons why multinationals develop people over others, what really goes on in those C-level exec heads, and why they promote and develop some employees over others. Own your career! What does a real plan look like? Single or multiple paths? What’s the Dunning-Kruger effect and how do I become indispensable? When “The Wave” hits you, understand and negotiate your rights during a very volatile employment market. This could save your career!

Corporate Politics

Many people think politics is shady, crafty, dirty, and manipulative. We’ll shed some light on the truth behind corporate politics and how to navigate through it and come out on top. Includes: developing your political superpowers, political perceptions, how not to play it dirty, your “invisibility cloak”, with a bonus chapter based on you!

Still don’t think that’s enough? Good, it seems you’ve got the hang of negotiating (something I teach during the workshop too, by the way).

Very well, since you asked nicely, at the end of the workshop you’ll also get…

is the real deal

It’s your “cheat” to coming out ahead in situations that frustrate and defeat most people.

If you’ve already read the book and are thinking twice about this, it’s not just a slightly better rehash of the same stuff (you’re not just upgrading your iPhone 15 to an iPhone 15 Pro). This program was designed to be the ace up your sleeve for UNREASONABLE growth in the corporate world. 

It’s the stuff that I would have killed for at the beginning of my own career.

All right, I'll bite. How do I sign up?

You have a chance to get in at an early bird price.

Insider was designed to be a two-day program, however we realise that it might be difficult to travel or be out and about the whole time (post-COVID anxiety, we’re looking at you). You can choose to attend the first day of the workshop alone, where you’ll still get a chance take away TONS of value and learning. And, we’re sure you’ll love day one so much that you’d want to continue, so if you’d like to register for the next day as well, you may contact us at the venue.

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